Aero Refuellers is a division of K&S Freighters Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of K&S Corporation Limited (ASX code: KSC)

Aero Refuellers, based in Albury NSW, provides aviation refueling services and aviation fuel supply solutions throughout regional NSW and Victoria to airports and bulk fuel customers. Aero Refuellers services a range of customers including aerial agriculture operators, flying schools and training center’s (commercial and military), and the New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian state governments for their ‘fire season’ aviation refueling operations.

Aero Refuellers offer tailored fuel solutions to numerous industry sectors that require:

  • Bulk Fuel
  • Drummed and Portable Tank Fuel
  • Remote Location Tanker and Fuel Supply
  • Aviation Lubricants
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Tailored Infrastructure Planning and Construction
  • Training, Compliance and Certification
  • Operations and Quality Control Manuals

Aviation fuels and lubricants are supplied through a combination of dedicated bulk fuel vehicles to varying requirements, direct to our customers and to our own on-airport retail locations.

Aero Refuellers offers aviation facility and tanker maintenance, refueller training including quality control (QC) training and facility construction, consultation and certification.

To further enhance our supply network, a new base of operations has been established at Enfield in Sydney. This new facility will allow Aero Refuellers a greater capacity and flexibility to service Avgas, Jet A1, on site refuelling, drum fuel supply and lubricants needs of our customer base in the Greater Sydney basin and adjoining areas.